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Become a Happy Hooker

Thought that would get your attention. Get your mind out of the gutter, I’m not talking about earning a little extra pizza money downtown, I’m talking about keeping order with items that like to find their way to the floor. Things like wet towels, sweatshirts and jackets.

Let’s face it: everyone hates hangers. Little kids don’t know how to hang a jacket on a hanger and husbands/teenagers merely act like they don’t know how. Or consider towel racks.  Doesn’t it seem like they are never located where you actually need them to be?

Enter the wonderful hook. They will make your life immensely easier. Several of my interior doors have hooks installed; Blue Collar Guy put them up one day when I promised him chocolate chip cookies or some equally well-enjoyed favor.  When they are not busy being practical, I use the door hooks to be quaint and winsome:

Isn’t that cute? I made that basket, by the way.

If you don’t have permanent door hooks installed and there isn’t anyone nearby with a drill who could be bribed, you can discover the amazing Command non-permanent hooks by 3M.   The hooks can be mounted by a removable sticky pad, making them ideal when you don’t want to put holes in the door or wall just now. They are especially good for giving kids a hook that hangs at their level.  I did this for my boys so they would hang up their wet towels:

You can see in this photo that there is a robe hook permanently installed on the door, but I used the Command hook down low, so the boys have no excuse.  This is also a great solution for kids’ jackets. It’s much easier for them to be neat with their things if they can reach a hook to hang things up.  Once they have the possibility of hanging things up, the only thing that remains to do is train them to do so. Yeah. I know. There’s the flaw in the plan. After all, Blue Collar Guy has his very own hook, but he still does this:

Drives me straight out of my brain.

Happy hooking!