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About the Grout

I was recently cleaning some stained kitchen utensils with a homemade solution I read about on another blog. ┬áThe magical homemade cleaning solution is a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda. You put a half cup or so of baking soda in a bowl and add hydrogen peroxide until it’s a little wetter than a paste. It’s great for reviving stained cookware and pans. So, anyway, as I was standing at the sink, using it on my vegetable peeler, I looked down and mused about whether this would make the grout on my ceramic tile kitchen floor look better. I decided to try it.

Wow, did it ever work! Not only did it get the grout very clean, it also raised an amazing amount of ground-in dirt off the tile itself. My ceramic tile has an earthy, mottled pattern to it (camouflage!), so I didn’t notice it was getting…earthier and more mottled over the years. Soon after I started working on that perfectly reasonable sink area, my OCD kicked in and I continued working on the entire floor of the kitchen and entryway from the garage – no small feat. I destroyed two entire sponges and a fair portion of my anterior deltoid before I decided I could go no further with it at the moment. I still have just a half of the entryway floor and another portion behind the kitchen table to finish. Fortunately, running out of supplies gave me a very good opportunity to illustrate with a photo what a difference the homemade solution is making:

It should be immediately clear to you that the left side of the entryway is where I have worked and the right side is yet to be done. See all that ground in dirt? Who knew?

My floor does look incredibly clean now, but I can’t make any promises on how soon this feat will be repeated. I’ve been living in this house for nearly nine years now, so I’m thinking…2021?

Now, for the technical details should you be insane enough to want to do this to your own kitchen. As I said above, you need Hydrogen Peroxide and Baking Soda. I had a large bag of Baking Soda from Costco and two large bottles of Hydrogen Peroxide and I used almost all of each. My kitchen and hallway are about 250 sq ft. total. So, I made up the mixture in a bowl, then used a spoon to pour it into the grout line. I worked in one area at a time, letting it sit for a couple minutes on one area. I used a small scrub brush to really scrub into the grout and tile surface. Cello sponges and a small bucket of water mopped up the messy grey sludge that came up. (GAK!) I changed my cleansing water frequently, as it doesn’t make sense to rinse tile with black water. In the end, I also had to clean the floor to remove any white residue remaining from the Baking Soda.

It was a ton of work, but man does my floor look good!

Happy scrubbing.