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Rehab Boy’s Pants

If you’ve had any children in the 11-14 year age-range, you’ve probably been astounded a time or two at how quickly they can go through clothing, especially pants.  While browsing at my local Goodwill store, I found a pair of urban-looking pants for my Valiant 12-year-old. If they fit – and it looked probable – this would be a perfect tide over until he outgrows his current size – say, in three weeks.

Everything appeared in order with the pants, but when the dear boy tried wearing them, he complained that the velcro closure would not stay closed.  Not to be deterred, I collected up a few materials and performed surgery.  One strategy would be to replace the velcro, but as I’m not a huge velcro fan to begin with, and didn’t have any on hand anyway, I decided to give it a different clasp altogether. I had a few of these handy due to recently making my Magnificent daughter a homecoming dress.

So, first, I ripped the stitches holding the velcro patch in place. It is easiest to begin on the “outside”, as it is easy to see where the stitches are. Witness:

Once you start getting stitches ripped from the outside, it is easy to pull the patch off on the inside and rip the rest of the stitches that way:

I repeated the same concept on the other patch.  Once the velcro was completely removed, I positioned the “female” part of the clasp (okay, sorry for the description, but how in the world do you designate them otherwise?) on the receiving side of the pants. (Just look at the picture!)

I sewed them in place, towards the far side of where the velcro would have joined, as you can see above. I ensured that this overlapped smoothly and would clasp together as planned.  I also sewed the “male” part of the clasp (Oy! That’s the only term that makes sense!) onto the overlapping portion, arriving at this:

Once The Valiant Boy had tried them on, it was determined that the operation was a success.

Okay. There’s a little white lie, here. If you sew already, you probably can guess what it is.  I photoshopped this picture a tiny bit, because you can actually see my few stitches on the front of the fly.  Alas, it is not as perfect as it appears. The only way I know to avoid this is to not draw the needle the entire way through to the opposite side and that is just waaaaayyy to much trouble for pants he’ll probably wear ten times before they are outgrown, at the rate he’s going.  The actual pants appear like this:

So – not totally perfect, but perfectly adequate. He won’t be wearing these to any black-tie affairs, I promise.

Now, so long as I’m doing true confessions and everything, here’s the other fact: Had I known the velcro was inadequate and I was going to need to replace it in order to use the pants, I realistically would not have bought them.  It really is a bit of a pain.  But, having spent a whopping $1.67 buying them, I figured it was worth my trouble to make them wearable. And truthfully, now I’m kind of proud.