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My favorite room in my house has long been my Sunroom. Eight large windows, a cute loveseat and chair, my African Violets and Peace Lilies, an extraordinarily large cactus and tons of natural light make this the perfect spot for reading or sitting at my laptop.

This past Christmas, we had a Christmas tree in the Sunroom, which was my very own tree to decorate entirely in silver and white. In order to make room for the tree, I rearranged the loveseat and chair. Previously, the loveseat was in front of the longest wall of windows, which faces out to the backyard.  That was where I situated the tree, though, so I moved the loveseat to the longest wall without windows.

After we took the tree down, I was not eager to rush the furniture back to its previous arrangment. I had come to like the loveseat on the interior wall. Sitting there allows me to see out the bank of beautiful windows at the birds coming to my feeder, the corn field at the back of the property, or my sons jumping like wild monkeys on the trampoline. So, I left it.

At first, I wondered often if this makes sense from a decorator’s point of view. Then, I realized I don’t give a fig if it does. It does look stark with the window-wall open now.  But what are the windows there for, if not to see out?  Before, I was sitting with my back to the windows, oblivious to the birds coming to my feeder.  I truly enjoy seeing the birds out there, so why have I been ignorantly facing the other direction for 8 years?

So, as I sat at my loveseat a few days ago, occasionally looking up to watch the birds outside, I was rewarded when a large, beautiful Pileated Woodpecker came right to the tree and hung out there for a good ten minutes. My camera was handy, so I took many shots right through the windows. Here he is:

Isn’t he lovely? You can even see his tongue probing the tree. (Okay, it might be a “she” but I’m taking liberties.) These woodpeckers are shy. I hardly ever see them close to the house. Then again, maybe it’s just that I wasn’t looking.

Here’s your assignment: Consider somewhere, some way in which you can change your point of view. It might be rearranging a room or just choosing to sit somewhere different. Look at all you’ve been missing. Enjoy something beautiful today.


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